• Joe Lipari

Joe Lipari's Dream Job

A socioeconomic satire about a guy (Dave Hill) struggling during the economic recession of 2008, so much so that he's selling his prized possessions (the first comic book appearance of Wolverine, The Incredible Hulk #181). When he gets what he thinks is his dream job, working for George Lucas, he learns to swallow his pride to get ahead in life. Kinda-sorto autobiographical, maybe, this short film is based on what was in my stand-up routine as I worked the circuit in New York City in 2008-2009. After developing an acquaintance with the comedian I looked up to most, Greg Giraldo, he gave me the good advice of trying to write a script with it.... I say "acquaintance" because I won't lie and say we were friends. I'm not certain he knew my name, but Greg was always gracious enough to sit and chat with a this nobody comedian who wanted to talk about the craft of making people laugh. The trailer and some behind the scenes footage below, subscribe to the mailing this for announcements on future screenings and streaming releases.

: Official Selection : NYC PictureStart Film Festival (Audience Award Winner) The Friars Club Comedy Film Festival The Hollywood Shorts Film Festival Quirkfest : Comedy Film Festival The Laugh Out Loud Film Festival Iron Mule Film Festival at 92Y: Tribecca Middle State Independent Comedy Festival Lighthouse International Film Festival Artists for The Creative Theatre: Film Festival Hoboken International Film Festival Long Island International Film Expo First Glance Film Festival's Spring 2012: Online Competition (Finalist)

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