Himdependence Day

Hetero-normative cis gendered white guys had a really good year. They have the world in the palm of their hands, like a p*ssy grabbed without consent. The rest of us? Not so much.

I saw a tweet that likened this July 4th to celebrating a birthday with a friend who's in Hospice. I pictured smiling through the depression, trying to be upbeat without stating the obvious. Independence Day needed an Asterix in 2022. Something to highlight the fine print text that would be read by the Micro-Machines guy in advertisements. America sells independence without acknowledging that results may vary.

We are ranked 25th and trending negatively on the Index of Economic Freedom. The World Population Review has America ranked as the 15th Freest Country. On nearly every ranking of liberty, freedom and economic mobility; America is trending further from prominence. It's almost like we have less to celebrate this year. More Americans than ever are skeptical of the American Dream; they no longer believe that hard work leads to a better life. Worse yet, our life expectancy continues trending downward too. Meaning our overworked stress filled lives of dwindling liberties are literally killing us.

Culturally we have become over populated with people who are passionate about their grievances. There's so much joyless daily discourse in this country. We are trapped in a perpetual indignation machine. It has become totally self-powered! When part of the discourse includes "fuck your feelings" and "no more bullshit;" how are we supposed to move forward?

While I agree that America was never really that great for a lot of the people who lived here; it was often a better option than where they came from. That's why my ancestors came here, it beat the life they lived in 1890s Sicily. Despite not being welcomed with open arms, the struggles here were preferred to their socio-economic possibilities there. I agree with the notion that we need to return America to a former seat greatness and envy on the world stage. We are not going to do that with regressive policies. America was great when it was the most progressive country in the world. It was the land of opportunity, respected throughout the world. When I used to travel and say that I was an American, people would react with wonder. They wanted to know more about the land of the free and the home of the brave. Now they keep a social distance, like I'm a plague rat who did his own research.

We've eradicated mental health programs, deteriorated our education system and stigmatized social programs to be shameful; yet we wonder why we're in the place we are. Full of will and devoid of intellect. Daily violence and constant bickering. America the beautiful; *pending the socio-economics, gender and cis-normative lifestyle of the beholder.