Become the master of your bucket list.
Get off the grid, and do some yoga, with Joe Lipari.

A new (more adventurous) type of yoga retreat, destination travel with immersive itineraries. Whether you dream of climbing Mount Fuji, scotch tasting in Scotland, brewery hopping in Belgium, learning to make pasta in Sicily, art hopping in Paris, or fully immersing yourself in the marijuana culture of Barcelona; Joe can help you plan ahead (and maybe save some money). Please get in touch if you have questions about any upcoming or previous destinations.

Certifications : 
New York University : Tourism & Hospitality Essentials
Outward Bound Schools : Veterans Program

US Army : Advanced Infantry Training



Join the group (limited space available) or request an itinerary.


Hike the Kumano Kodo, feed monkeys, climb Mount Fuji and experience samurai culture in the Land of the Rising Sun. You never forget your first sushi dinner in Japan.


Climb Mount Etna, hike nature trails, take yoga / meditation breaks and visit beautiful beaches in-between fine dining experiences and lessons in preparing home made Sicilian pasta.


Hiking, yoga, fine dining, art hopping and futbol. Marijuana social clubs and the best tapas in the world; weather permitting we can make time for the beach too.

Fushimi Inari
Everglades National Park
Everglades Group
Hiking Barcelona
Yoga Louvre
Wine and Cheese in Paris
Homemade Pasta in Sicily
Meditation Amsterdam
Hiking in Japan
Climbing Mount Fuji
Range 702 : Las Vegas
Lake Hopatcong
Beers in Bruges
Brewery Tour
Gold Strike Canyon
Gold Strike Canyon
Kumano Kodo Hikers
Beer Museum in Belgium
10,000 Islands Canoe Trip
Nachi Falls
Tickets Barcelona
Locked and Loaded : Miami
Yoga on Vulcano
Meditation in Kyoto
Hiking the Kumano Kodo
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