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Descending from a long line of Joe Liparis, many of us have nicknames; mine is JR. By day I am a semi-retired brand strategist and creative producer who dabbles in academia. By night, and weekend, I do other stuff

A Veteran of the US Army, an ordained stand-up philosopher, a wellness guide/adventure traveler, and an acknowledged Groucho Marxist who loves when that gets people fired-up about books they've never read. A grand-cousin to comedy legend Fred Allen, irreverent rebellion and slapstick silliness are in my bloodline. It once got me in an immodest amount of trouble, in my youth. 

I am very passionate about education, wellness and equity. In my downtime I lead excursions into the great wide yonder; camping, hiking and climbing with wellness seekers of all experience levels. Adventure is out there, it's good for our mental health.

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