A lifelong storyteller and military veteran, I seamlessly transitioned from entertaining soldiers in the barracks to comedy club audiences around the world. My award winning short film, Dream Job (2012), earned me a scholarship to finish my BFA at The School of Visual Arts. My work ethic and goofy sense of humor combined to open doors to satellite-radio, acting, tv / film production and a career in advertising; previous clients include Fangoria, Sirius, BK Nets, NY Islanders, MTV, Marvel, and Netflix.

After being recruited by Troops to Teachers I started teaching Art, English and History/Social Studies in NYC's Public Schools. Teaching is the highest form of showbiz and there's no tougher audience than teenage New Yorkers in an overcrowded/underfunded classroom. 

Diversity, inclusion and equity are more than just buzzwords. I've spent decades engaging diverse audiences and leading inclusive teams; during military life, on stage, in a professional setting and in the classroom. I lead highly collaborative multi-disciplined groups of diverse personalities towards a common goal with a light heart and a sense of humor. Career supported by military honors, my before mentioned BFA from The School of Visual Arts' competitive Advertising / Design program and an MFA in Creative Writing from National University.

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On the Hire Heroes panel with WWE and NBC; helping veterans find gainful employment.
JR Lipari at Comix Comedy Club in NYC
Joe Lipari with Ozcorp, on the set of Amazing Spider-Man 2
A cheesy corporate headshot.
Joe Lipari goofing around with Jurassaic Park props at Edith Head prop warehouse.
Joe Lipari at Village Lantern, NYC
Special FX Make-up, Joe Lipari as Zombie Uncle Sam