Storyteller, Brand Strategist, Project Manager

A lifelong storyteller and military veteran, I transitioned from entertaining other soldiers in the barracks to comedy club audiences and eventually potential customers. 

Our ancestors gathered around campfires, today we have online and offline experiences shaping modern storytelling. As a trans-media storyteller I focus my efforts on engaging audiences where they are with consistent messaging. Career supported by military honors, a BFA from The School of Visual Arts' competitive Advertising/Design program and an MFA in Creative Writing from National University.

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  • School of Visual Arts : BFA : Advertising & Design (With Honors : 2017) 

  • National University : MFA : Creative Writing & the Pedagogy of Storytelling (2021)



  • University of Illinois : Specialization in Digital Marketing

  • UC Davis : Specialization in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Northwestern University : Specialization in Social Media Marketing

  • Duke University : Advertising and Society

  • IBM : Customer Engagement Specialist

  • IBM : Data Science


  • UNSW : Transmedia Storytelling: Narrative Worlds, Emerging Technologies, and Global Audiences

  • Northwestern University : Communication for Maximum Impact: Storytelling


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