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Mother F-in' Zen

My personal wellness journey started when a friend who drank the yoga Kool-Aid convinced me to give it a try. I've come a long way from being the clichéd military veteran who responded with macho bravado, "stretching is what I do before I work out." Yoga, meditation/mindfulness, zen philosophy and adventure travel have become major aspects of my life and I've become very passionate about sharing it with people of all experience levels; free of bravado. YTT, MRT, MTT & WFA certified through training programs associated with Yoga Alliance Professionals, Yoga Alliance, Veterans Yoga Project, Meditation Alliance International, NOLS Wilderness Medicine and Outward Bound.

Pre-Covid I led groups and/or solo travelers into the wilderness, up mountains/volcanos and through various yoga/meditation practices. Post Covid I'm teaching meditation/mindfulness to Veterans at the VA and to wellness seekers at posh yoga studios in New York City. 


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