My personal wellness journey started because a friend who drank the yoga Kool-Aid convinced me to give it a try. I've come a long way from being the cliched military veteran who responded with macho bravado, "stretching is what I do before I work out." Yoga, meditation, philosophy and adventure travel have become major aspects of my life and I've become very passionate about sharing it with people of all experience levels; free of the macho bravado.

My approach leans toward a Japanese style of Zen practice and the Shambhala's more Stoic approach to meditation. Instead of trying to clear the mind I think it's important to listen to what the voices in your head are trying to tell you. Hear them out and they'll leave you alone. The goal is flexibility of the body and mind; a state of tranquility and joy. Pre-Covid I led groups and/or solo travelers into the wilderness, up mountains/volcanos and through various yoga/meditation practices. Post Covid? We'll see what happens.