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Sui Yoga, NYC

Alan Watts used to call holding yoga poses and sitting for long periods of meditation "performative suffering." I don't do  that... 

Strala Yoga, it is not your typical yoga class. Tai-Chi and martial arts influenced, fluid movement is a bigger concern than holding poses. Yoga poses release tension, healing movement repairs and rebuilds range of motion. Whether rehabbing injuries or repairing a body that sits at a desk all day, the best thing you can do is move around a little bit.

Meditating longer than 20 minutes always seems like overkill, to me. My favorite meditation teacher described the mind as an ocean. When the seas get rough we can either dive in and attempt to stop the waves or we can sit back and watch until the tide shifts and the seas calm. I can't help you stop the waves, but I can help you sit in awe of the ocean's power.



Mindful movement and kinetic energy get your heart pumping as you build strength, balance and coordination. An approachable practice with room for more challenging variations. The playlist is full of aspirational bangers that'll help motivate you through it.


Relax *

A Trauma Informed practice created to focus on somatic repair. The chill/upbeat playlist transitions to audio tracks that positively affect the brain during the resting phase of practice. It's OK if you fall asleep at the end, someone usually does. It's a judgement free zone, even if you snore.



Get the heart pumping, break a sweat and build strength with mindful movement. A little less cardio and a lot more power in this challenging martial arts influenced practice; love it or hate it, you'll build strength. The remixes, remasters and all-out jams on the playlist will give you something to Shazam during those much needed breaks.


Zen *

Trauma Informed mindful movement and secular meditation without music. After moving for the 1st half of class we'll spend some time meditating before moving again to finish off the practice. The playlist is made of audio tracks specifically designed for somatic repair and other neurological benefits.



Moms, Dads and kids of all ages (aunts, uncles and grandparents welcome too). There's something special about a family that practices mindfulness together. The ever growing list of reasons it's good to introduce kids to mindfulness is backed by mountains of scientific data.

Class Styles

Contact for scheduling & rates.

One-on-One or groups. 

In-person and (maybe) on Zoom

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